Public Safety

  • Supported local law enforcement which resulted in larger academy classes which lead to more officers to keep our communities safe.
  • Our police force is well over 1,000 officers.
  • San José Police Department just graduated the largest female cohort class in our history. Learn more by clicking here >>
  • Currently sits on the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force.

City Services

  • Added hours and days of service for our local libraries resulting in more residents using our libraries and utilizing important enrichment programming.
  • Added late night recreational activities to the Alum Rock Youth Center and the Mayfair Community Center. Ensuring our youth are safe in the evening. Click here to see the new partnerships we have in East San José >>
  • Created Summer Viva Parks! series for our East San José local parks. Capitol Park, Mayfair, Plata Arroyo, Hillview, and Emma Prusch Farm Park have fun summer activities for all residents.
  • Created the Illegal Dumping Rapid Response team to tackle East Side "dumping hotspots." Learn more by clicking here >>

Women's Issues: Women Bill of rights

  • Introduced Women’s bill of rights also known as the convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to combat any form of gender discrimination.
  • Worked with the Council and our San Jose Police Department to prioritize Domestic Violence (DV) incidents, especially when the victim has children. 

Participatory Budgeting

  • Introduced Participatory Budgeting (PB) which gave residents the opportunity to create their own projects and vote on how to use city funds to revitalize their neighborhoods.
  • My office just launched our second PB round, please call my city office to learn more. 

Community Clean ups

Beautification Days

  • Funded community dumpster days throughout the district. Ensured residents dumped large items in dumpster bins and not in our streets.
  • Worked with local schools, PTO's, East Side nonprofits, and other civic minded organization to beautify our local parks, schools, neighborhoods, and corridors. 

Safe Streets

  • Advocated for traffic calming measures along major corridors that pedestrians use on a frequent basis so that youth, seniors, and anyone who walks or bikes in East San José stays safe along their route.
  • Created more bike lanes along the major corridors in the East Side.

Community Engagement

  • Created multiple venues for the community to get involved including numerous coffee socials, weekend community breakfasts and community luncheons.
  • Hosted several events and community meetings throughout East San José to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone has an opportunity to get connected to city resources. 
  • Organized the largest National Night Outs for three straight years.

Living Wage


  • Instituted a robust Wage Theft Policy so that workers are properly compensated for the hours they have worked, and that they are not being taken advantage of by management.
  • Supported instituting a higher minimum wage because to address the increase in cost of living.